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Living my Yoga
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Spring Blues
The Allowance to Change
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Living my Yoga

Wow, it certainly has been a bit too long since I last put my thoughts into my blog.  

I have gotten myself so busy lately, not in the regular things that I ask of myself each day like work, yoga classes, family, but all the spaces in between those set events.  
The shift happened shortly after I hosted my yoga retreat in May.  Its like my mind started to buzz and my focus got lost....completely!

I have been teaching yet not practicing.  I have not been living my yoga.  I have also been beating myself up about it constantly.

Spring Blues

The title says it all.  I have to be honest I am feeling a bit blue lately.  

Spring is just around the corner, literally.  A few days away where my mind starts to shift to gardening, flowers, outdoor yoga and filling my tank with sunshine and warmth.  Unfortunatly the only warmth I have been feeling in the last few days has come from my woodstove.  

Spring in the foothills of Alberta is a challenging time due to the ever changing weather.  If you don't like it wait five minutes.

The Allowance to Change

So many wonderful experience's have happened over the past few weeks.  It is time I sat down and shared some of these with you.  

What sits deep in my heart at the moment is witnessing growth in a group of women that I have been asked to teach at our hospital in Sundre.  
I was approached just before Christmas to teach a class for the staff in order to help reduce stress within the work environment.  

I jumped at the opportunity!  

I looked at my schedule and found time where I could offer a class (that sounds easier than it is) and the word was put out.

Detox Day 21 and Beyond

The 21 days is  now over, an ending, or for me just a beginning.

The three weeks went by so quickly and there have been so many changes!  My brain functions better, sleep is much better, energy level is at an all time high, weight loss, (which practically fell off!)  I have no idea how much weight I've taken off since I haven't stepped in a scale in months, but if I were to guess I would say its coming close to the 10lb mark.  

Weight loss was never my goal for this journey, although I knew some needed to be taken off I was more concerned about feeling better and less lethargic, which is exactly what I've received.

Detox days 14, 15, 16, and 17! Whew!

This has been quite a journey!  (so far)

An incredibly positive journey I might add!  I have had a few social events that have taken place within these last three weeks and was so amazed at how easy it was to stay on course.  I think a person finally reaches a point where the way you were living no longer serves you.  I had reached that point!  

It's this thought pattern that had brought me to yoga, searching for a better me.  Let's just say its working better than anything else I have searched for.

Detox Days 11,12, and 13

So the night after I wrote my last blog I had the most horrible night sleep!  

I fell asleep easily enough, something that has dramatically changed since embarking on this change in eating habits.  It was 2:30am when I woke up, wide awake, I could have gotten up and cleaned the house!  My mind was incredibly alert and started making plans for the future all while I tossed and turned trying to fall back asleep!  

It was so incredibly frustrating!!!!  

I kept trying to 'will' my mind to positive thoughts like something was obviously trying to work itself out and I should just trust the process.

Detox Days 8,9 and 10

So still going strong!  

The challenges and fears I had upon starting this journey to change how I eat, how I view food, becoming aware of what I eat and why I eat it.  Those fears are all being dispelled.  
As my body become cleaner, the toxins leave, my thoughts become more clear.  

Its has still been a roller coaster of emotions, just not as big of one.  

Monday after my juice fast on Sunday, I couldn't wait to chew on something!  My body felt empty, not just from having nothing but liquids for a day, but it felt like something had left.

Detox, Days 5,6 and Especially 7!!!!

So its been quite an amazing few days!  

With Halloween behind me, and the majority of the candy already gone(not by me!) the vibrating crack addict that I felt like has subsided.  The cravings have started to disappear, my focus is clear.  My SLEEP has never been better!!  (huge one!)  My stomach has been so quiet.  
Quiet?  What the hell?  

When I would eat, just about anything the rumbles would start, sometimes more than others and all I needed was to be by myself for the next few hours.

Detox Day 3 & 4

Whew!  What a couple of days!!

This is the first time I've been able to sit down to type out my thoughts in the last couple of days.  On days like these I'm usually running for the fast food, pre-prepared food, and not really thinking of what I'm putting in my mouth so long as the hunger subsides.  
Within this whole craziness of events and obligations Halloween is sprung up in the middle.  I have to be honest, I planned the detox to fall during Halloween due to the fact that I LOVE the little chocolate bars, the kisses, the tootsie rolls!

Tis the Season!

Tis the season all right!  

The season of candy, treats, heavy meals, gas, bloating, headaches, and all the side effects of a poor diet has to offer.  
More than just becoming over weight, tired and irritable new research has uncovered that in fact our digestive tract contains more than 100 million neurons, more than our spinal cord or our peripheral nervous system. (see link below) 

So, not only does our guts work at digesting our food, but the quality of that food sends direct messages to our brain altering our thought patterns and moods.
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