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Restorative Yoga and Pelvic Floor Yoga

Restorative and Pelvic Floor Yoga

Restorative Yoga​​

Restorative yoga is the yoga of total relaxation. It is said that practicing restorative yoga has the ability to alter your mind and create deep healing and studies are now showing that in order to change how we feel or think we need to be in a safe environment and a deep state of relaxation to do so.  

This practice facilitates a very deep state of consciousness. 

 Your body is completely supported by props and blankets giving you a place to surrender into softness. It is designed to move the spine in all directions, stimulate and sooth the organs, and assist in the elimination of toxins by reversing gravity with props

This is a 2 hour practice and costs $25 per person. 

No prior experience is necessary.

All Props are provided so you only need to bring a yoga mat with you and a tea or water in a spill proof container.

Next class will be Friday November 25th

Register early if you want an 

in-studio spot. This is a brilliant class to do via Zoom    

Pelvic Floor Yoga

Those who have taken my workshops or scheduled classes know how passionate I am about this type of yoga!.

Pelvic floor Yoga needs to be the first step to pelvic floor health since it is non-invasive and under complete control of the student. It teaches the student about a part of their bodies that has been taboo to speak of, possibly been made fun of, or shamed.

It's a subject that very few talk about.

What does poor pelvic floor functions look like? Its more than most people think.

Incontinence, prolapse, back pain of any kind. Neck pain, jaw pain, leg, knee, and feet pain can all be associated with poor PF health. Even teeth grinding and plantar fasciitis is connected to the pelvic floor!

I regularly run workshops and classes in studio. Workshops are live only and classes are both in studio and streamed through Zoom.

Upcoming workshops

New Dates coming soon

For inquiries please call us at

(888) 555-4231

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