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Our Precarious Health


It seems we can't go two steps without seeing or experiencing all of the things that are harmful to our health.  Exhaust, methane gas, alcohol, processed foods, the list goes on.  

You would think that with all this education we would be among some of the healthiest people on earth.  I'm not so sure if this is the case.  
Driving down the road we are bombarded with fast food, go to a social event and it revolves around alcohol, greasy food and sugar.  We become entranced with what we see on all of our social devices which keeps us on the couch feeling lazy and lethargic.  

I am 100% guilty of indulging in every one of these stimulants and have suffered the consequences of my actions.  Most commonly we see it when we step on the scale and cringe as the numbers crawl past the point that we thought we were at.  Depression sets in, failure, self loathing which brings us back to the booze, sugar, salty snacks to get that slight little endorphin release which starts the cycle all over again. 

Wow!  How many times do you need to hit your head against a wall before you realize that it hurts?  How many times do we say to ourselves, "Its only one glass of wine, one chocolate, one bag of chips, everything in moderations"  
Everything in moderation has turned into this little monster that justifies poor eating habits.

I find as I get older my whole system becomes more sensitive and all of these tasty little treats make me feel as terrible as if I had downed two bottles of wine the night before.  So what to do?  

I am a research bug.  If a question is brewing in my head I have to find the means to answer it.  Health and Nutrition has been something that I constantly study.  Funny thing is, when you have a healthy diet its amazing how quickly depression, bloating, fat, headaches, mind fog, napping, all goes away.  

We've all  heard 'healthy diet' but what does it really mean?  For me its the reduction of meat which is incredibly acid forming in our bodies causing such things as joint pain, break outs, liver damage, to all types of cancer.  Increasing vegetables, fruits, grains, and eliminating any processed foods and refined sugars.  

Sounds easy doesn't it?  

It sort of is actually.  For my head to originally get around why we need to eat like this I had to find out the negative consequences if I didn't eat well.  I would go for a week of eating clean, feel like a million bucks, then lapse on the weekend and pay for it by wasting my few days off of work feeling miserable and tired. 

Diet is our largest contributor to our health. If you put crappy gas in your vehicle time and time again would you expect it to run well?  
Our bodies are even more sensitive.  So often when we fill them with processed foods we don't even realize the capability of how wonderful we could feel if it changed!  Its amazing!  

I began clean eating like a cleanse and for one week out of every month I didn't eat meat, and had nothing but veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes,  and took sugar and alcohol out of my diet.  The first time I felt like crap!  Headaches, mind fog, break outs, it was nasty!  But after that It changed to the point that its maybe one or two days out of the month that I forget what I put in my mouth.  And trust me, the next day sucks after over indulging!  I cooked differently than what I served for the rest of my family because at first all the greens, spices, and different choices were weird.  Over time now healthy eating is the norm in my house.  I refused to give in to eating crappy just because everyone else at first didn't like it.  It goes back to the old saying if your friends jumped off a building would you jump too?

Challenge yourself to a week without any crap in your diet.  Our health and well being is our responsibility.  We all hold the key.  
Would LOVE to hear how some of you do!  

If anyone is looking for some titles that I recommend one of my favorites is The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.

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pgx on April-26-12 11:42 PM
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Alexia on October-21-12 12:04 AM
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