Sundre Yoga and Meditation - Shannon Harvey, E-RYT200 RYT500 YACEP Yoga Alliance
Huntsville Ontario, seeing the beauty of the world.

Welcome to Sundre Yoga and Meditation,

Located in the spectacular Foothills in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

Hello Yogis!

September is always a month that memories and thoughts of time become very strong in my mind.  The kids go back to school, although mine are grown and on their own now.  Maybe this is why I reflect on time so much.  
The energy of the earth shifts as she gets ready to slow down.  Harvest is in full swing and my efforts in my garden are felt as I pull up the root vegetables, pick the last beans, and relish in the colors of what I put on my plate, knowing that I grew most of it.  
Harvest, the changing of the leaves, the combines in the fields, always reminds me of the people in my life who are no long here.  I try to give myself plenty of time to remember them, to laugh and to cry, and to take time in my yoga practice to slow down and restore.  Doing what looks like nothing is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.  

Coming this fall there will be plenty of Restorative Yoga as well as mini retreats to help us all to slow down and feel rather than busy ourselves and try to forget.  Along with all of our other classes.    

Namaste Everyone



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