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Living my Yoga
Immense Gratitude
Spring Blues
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Full on into the New Year


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Living my Yoga

Wow, it certainly has been a bit too long since I last put my thoughts into my blog.  

I have gotten myself so busy lately, not in the regular things that I ask of myself each day like work, yoga classes, family, but all the spaces in between those set events.  
The shift happened shortly after I hosted my yoga retreat in May.  Its like my mind started to buzz and my focus got lost....completely!

I have been teaching yet not practicing.  I have not been living my yoga.  I have also been beating myself up about it constantly.

Immense Gratitude

It has been just over two weeks since Healing Through Yoga commenced.  This was my first retreat that I have organized.  (First of many!)  I could not be happier with the outcome, the energy churned, the beautiful releasement of negative energy, and the trust we were able to create within our circle.  

Trusting in the practice to work its magic and knowing we all supported each other in our journey was just amazing to witness. Mother Nature shined down on our practice allowing us to move outdoors in both our asana practice as well as our drumming session.

Full on into the New Year

First post of the new year!  A bit late since its the 20th of January. Its amazing how quickly time can get away from you.  To say its been busy is an understatement!
I had taken a break from teaching over the holidays and couldn't have been happier to be back teaching in the new year.  

Along with my regular classes I have also started teaching the staff at the Sundre Hospital.  I couldn't be happier!  So often the people that care for us do the least to care for themselves.

Post Cleanse

It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I finished my 21 day detox.  For the first few days I almost feared trying to incorporate some of my 'old' foods back into my diet.  

It hasn't been an easy transition.  I have still been sticking to my juicing, green smoothies, salads, soups, nuts, greens, etc but on a couple of occasions I have had a glass of wine and some sweets.  Its quite horrific (not being dramatic either) the effects these can have on your body when your system is so clean.

Summer Fun!!

What a summer so far!

I hope everyone has had a chance to get outside and enjoy the long days of  this wonderful season!  I feel like this is the time my fuel tank fills and carries me through out the rest of the year, taking every opportunity to get outside and soak up all that Mother Nature has to offer.

I just returned from two weeks in the Shuswap lakes of BC, a favorite place of mine to evolve my yoga practice while watching the water, noticing an Osprey over head, and just taking the time to see what is going on around me.

Youth and Yoga

Recently I was invited to teach yoga at a local high school.  It was a last minute request and everything lined up so I jumped at the opportunity!  

Memories of my own high school years came to my mind and the struggles teens face.  Their worlds are small in comparison to living through experiences, such jobs, bills, banks, car payments, you name it!  Then there is becoming a parent and raising our own to become responsible adults.  It broadens our world to see that there is more out there than just our social circles.


I don't know if there is a truer word to explain how I feel at the moment.  I type this from my room in Nelson BC on the eve of my last night of yoga teacher training.  

Raw, vulnerable, shaken, exhausted!  Yet in all of this intense work my mind is clear, my stress level is at an all time low, my heart is just bursting with love!  This to me is the true essence of what yoga really is.  

I started doing yoga many years ago not thinking it would one day open my eyes but because it was a great physical work out, yet something within this 'work out' was different than going to the gym, running, cycling, you name it.


Haven’t written for a while and I don’t want to go into the excuses of why, which are warranted, because we all have them so we all know.  My brain has been churning with lots of thoughts, but since I haven’t put them down to pen and paper (or keyboard to screen) I find I’m a bit scattered with both speech and thoughts.  So time to put things in order again!

I’ve turned 40 since my last post.  (something I am very proud of) not only the fact that I am actually 40, but that I’m 40 and incredibly happy about it!

Off The Mat

Another catch phrase of yoga as of lately is to take your yoga off your mat, meaning to carry the feelings of calmness and clarity from your yoga pracitice and use it through out your day, week, months, etc.  

I have practiced yoga for years but not as regularly as I do now.  I would do it once a week, maybe twice, still feeling the effects but not nearly as much as I do now.  

This week tested the theory of practice off the mat for me.  

We all plug through life getting comfortable in our schedules, paying our bills, work, kids events, but its when there is a kink thrown into our day to day life that the  sliver of calmness can soon turn into a hurricane!

Slowing Down...

I laugh inside when I write this title, slowing down.  Its seems so absurd especially looking at how many things are packed into my week.  

Home schooling one son, organizing and trying to stay connected with the one going to school, cadets, curling, and lets not forget working, yoga classes, as well as daily practice, meetings with principals, Calgary classes, whew!  I get a bit overwhelmed just thinking of it all!   

So where in amongst all of this chaos does the title fit in?
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