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Immense Gratitude

It has been just over two weeks since Healing Through Yoga commenced.  This was my first retreat that I have organized.  (First of many!)  I could not be happier with the outcome, the energy churned, the beautiful releasement of negative energy, and the trust we were able to create within our circle.  

Trusting in the practice to work its magic and knowing we all supported each other in our journey was just amazing to witness. Mother Nature shined down on our practice allowing us to move outdoors in both our asana practice as well as our drumming session.

Tis the Season!

Tis the season all right!  

The season of candy, treats, heavy meals, gas, bloating, headaches, and all the side effects of a poor diet has to offer.  
More than just becoming over weight, tired and irritable new research has uncovered that in fact our digestive tract contains more than 100 million neurons, more than our spinal cord or our peripheral nervous system. (see link below) 

So, not only does our guts work at digesting our food, but the quality of that food sends direct messages to our brain altering our thought patterns and moods.

Off The Mat

Another catch phrase of yoga as of lately is to take your yoga off your mat, meaning to carry the feelings of calmness and clarity from your yoga pracitice and use it through out your day, week, months, etc.  

I have practiced yoga for years but not as regularly as I do now.  I would do it once a week, maybe twice, still feeling the effects but not nearly as much as I do now.  

This week tested the theory of practice off the mat for me.  

We all plug through life getting comfortable in our schedules, paying our bills, work, kids events, but its when there is a kink thrown into our day to day life that the  sliver of calmness can soon turn into a hurricane!

Our Precarious Health


It seems we can't go two steps without seeing or experiencing all of the things that are harmful to our health.  Exhaust, methane gas, alcohol, processed foods, the list goes on.  

You would think that with all this education we would be among some of the healthiest people on earth.  I'm not so sure if this is the case.  
Driving down the road we are bombarded with fast food, go to a social event and it revolves around alcohol, greasy food and sugar.  We become entranced with what we see on all of our social devices which keeps us on the couch feeling lazy and lethargic.

January Update

I haven't written in a couple of weeks, its amazing how life gets away on you.  Time is so precious and at times I feel like every minute is accounted for and is scheduled down to the final second, attempting to squeeze every awakened moment out of the day.  

I've sat back and tried to write but will look at the clock and think "I don't have enough time to put my thoughts down" or "My brain just doesn't have any more capacity other than to drool in front of the tv"  

Welcome 2012!

Whew, what a whirlwind of a year 2011 was!  More positive than negative by far but as I look back the months were filled with so much growing and change.  It almost makes my head spin!  

New Years is always a time to get back on track, reflect on what you would like to do differently, what you would like to keep the same.  I'm not sure if there hasn't been a year in the past decade that January wasn't a time to take off the extra pounds of stressful sugary eating that December brought on.


If there is ever a constant in our lives, that is Change.  

We can plan everything from what we wear the next day, what we're going to eat, get to work, what we're doing for the weekend etc.  

The list goes on!  

And then in the middle of our day something causes us to change.  We're making dinner and find out we don't have enough potatoes, there's a stain in what we had planned to wear, or its snows outside making our commute more difficult.  Suddenly we're scrambling to bring out world back into our plans again.

The beginning of a Season....

I know, Winter doesn't officially begin in just over a couple of weeks, but what I'm talking about is the Christmas season and all that it brings.  
The shopping, the spending, the organizing of time, rushing through crowds, and the anxiety of how much to spend, will they like it!  
It can all get a bit overwhelming to say the least.
I find that at this time of year my emotions can get the better of me, fear, sadness, anxiety.  In years past I have barely kept myself together, counting down the days until Christmas was over.

A day, a week, a life....

It has been quite a week in my small community.  So much energy, both good and bad.  And where we choose to focus our energy, that can seem like an impossible thing at times.  At times it can feel like we are observers of emotions just along for the ride, hoping that control isn't lost.  

Control, the sense of the word brings shivers to my body.  All of us wandering though life trying to keep control of our surroundings, our emotions, or money, our lives.  Just when we think all our ducks are in a row one of them steps out of line and we rush back to try and keep everything calm and in order, over and over again.


Why is it that people keep coming back to Yoga?  What is it about these physical movements that draw us in?  
For me each practice brings me a calm state of mind, a deep sense if balance that I have never felt with any other form of exercise before.  
But what truly brings me back time and time again is what yoga can do for people in need of healing.  
The whole day I kept thinking of what type of class I would teach tonight.  I usually write down my sequence and follow it as close as possible.
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