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The Allowance to Change

So many wonderful experience's have happened over the past few weeks.  It is time I sat down and shared some of these with you.  

What sits deep in my heart at the moment is witnessing growth in a group of women that I have been asked to teach at our hospital in Sundre.  
I was approached just before Christmas to teach a class for the staff in order to help reduce stress within the work environment.  

I jumped at the opportunity!  

I looked at my schedule and found time where I could offer a class (that sounds easier than it is) and the word was put out.  

The first day of class was a demo, anyone could join and see if the classes offered was something they would want to partake in.  There was lots of enthusiasm mixed with a huge dose of apprehension and fear.  

Lets face it, our medicals system, our hospitals, our clinics are loaded with fear and negative emotions.  Its a place where people come when something is wrong.  Its a place to diagnose disease, to find out what is wrong with ourselves.  It brings on worry, stress, and all too many times, its a place where people take their last breath.  

Energy resides in places of fear, it transfers onto a person and can alter their thoughts, their mood, their physical bodies.  If you are questioning that theory think back to the last time you were in a room with someone that did nothing but complain.  Soon enough you too were complaining, or fighting the feeling of complaining.  

Energy travels.  

So when I taught the first class I constantly cued many different variations to an asana (pose) so where ever a person's body and mind are at that moment they can always find ease within the hold.  

What I found is that the class stayed at the easiest variation of the pose.  No one even attempted to challenge themselves.  There were some that physically could have come into a deeper variation, but in their mind at that moment they could not.  

Witnessing this is all a part of acceptance for myself as an instructor and for the class.  The variations are offered, its the student that breaks past barriers to find the confidence to try.  If the body can go deeper, fantastic, if the body can't, fantastic.

There were 6 classes in the series and within those 6 classes the changes that happened were huge!  There is one pose in particular that stood out to me.  It was a low lunge with a twist.  One of my deeper variations is to engage the back leg and lift the knee off of the floor within the twist.  I had cued this on the first class and no one had attempted it.  In the 6th class, everyone not only attempted it, but accomplished the pose with hardly a waiver! 

My heart soared seeing this! 

Ease came to their minds an what the people in the class did with out even realizing was ask their body to try.  Whether they were able to move into the pose was of no matter to me, it was the letting go of fear that I found so amazing.

See how quickly yoga can change a person.




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