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Detox Days 11,12, and 13

So the night after I wrote my last blog I had the most horrible night sleep!  

I fell asleep easily enough, something that has dramatically changed since embarking on this change in eating habits.  It was 2:30am when I woke up, wide awake, I could have gotten up and cleaned the house!  My mind was incredibly alert and started making plans for the future all while I tossed and turned trying to fall back asleep!  

It was so incredibly frustrating!!!!  

I kept trying to 'will' my mind to positive thoughts like something was obviously trying to work itself out and I should just trust the process.  Then thoughts of why are you doing this if your sleep is still bothering you!?!?  

There are many reasons I wanted to change how I ate, one of them being sleep.  Hopes of feeling refreshed and wide awake upon waking up in the morning were among some of the highest goals.  
So as I tossed and turned, until 5:30am, self doubt crepted in and out of my mind the whole time.  

I woke at 7:00am expecting the worst.  I got out of bed, started my morning routine by preparing the house for clients, getting fed and ready to face the day.  My thoughts turned to caffeine and coffee which would have been my go to after a sleepless night.  
It was when I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth that I realized I wasn't tired.  It was almost like the sensation of forgetting to lock the door, or wondering if you turned the oven off kind of thing.  I drew my awareness to my eyes, the muscles in particular, as well as the bags that usually accompany me as I get out of bed.

None of it was there!  No black circles, puffy eyes, piano tied to my ass!!  

I moved through my whole morning routine searching for the fatigue, waiting for it find me.  

It didn't.

I drank my morning juice and after the effects of the nutrients kicked into my body all thoughts of fatigue just vanished.  
Thursdays are always a busy day for me, working and running kids to events.  I'm lucky to be able to sit down at 10:00pm, the whole day is go go go!  
Not only did I make it through the day without cravings, wanting to nap, or snapping at anyone, I had energy to spare when I got home.  

So here is  my hope.  After feeding my body as I have been, and continuing on past the 21 days, (which I plan to do) That as the hormones in my body shift, my sleep patterns will remain the same.  

That being said, yes I have gotten my period with no headaches, back aches, brain fog, irritability, the list goes on!  The only symptom is that its there.  WOW!

The way my cycle usually goes is two weeks following my period my body sleeps well, waking very few times during the night, then I ovulate and the hormones shift from estrogen to progesterone.  That is when my body changes.  I can't fall asleep, I can't stay asleep, I am tired ALL THE TIME1111  Sugar cravings go freaking crazy and I can't think!

So if I look back to my last period which was only a month ago, and the only sign of it is one restless nights sleep compared to all of the other post period symptoms, I guess thats pretty amazing results!

No drugs involved, not hot pads, no massages, just food and yoga.  
There's something to think about!

Tomorrow is day 14 which is another juice fasting day.  I'm looking forward to it!


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