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Detox, Days 5,6 and Especially 7!!!!

So its been quite an amazing few days!  

With Halloween behind me, and the majority of the candy already gone(not by me!) the vibrating crack addict that I felt like has subsided.  The cravings have started to disappear, my focus is clear.  My SLEEP has never been better!!  (huge one!)  My stomach has been so quiet.  
Quiet?  What the hell?  

When I would eat, just about anything the rumbles would start, sometimes more than others and all I needed was to be by myself for the next few hours.  Unfortunately I couldn't always leave so my evening, afternoon, what ever the time of day would be spent being incredibly uncomfortable.  
Not once in the past 7 days have I felt that!  


My energy level was a bit low up until day 6 which was when things began to shift.  Ok, shift might be the wrong way to put it.  Its like someone turn on the freaking energy switch!  Has someone put a double espresso in my green juice???

Nope, no caffeine for this gal in over two weeks!  

I have been eating like royalty, making incredibly delicious meals, juicing, smoothies, salads.  I made brussel sprouts with sautéed onions, garlic, raisins and toasted walnuts that my 14 year old couldn't get enough of!  The more I keep experimenting the more amazing meals I keep finding.  Honestly its endless!

Today, being day 7 was one that I was a bit unsure of.  

Today I fasted.

Before you go WHOW let me explain.  Fasting doesn't mean starving.  Today was a day of juicing,  Yerba Mate, water, repeat, repeat, repeat again!  There is no hunger, which I was surprised to find.  I planned ahead, made sure I had enough veggies to juice, and took on the day with as much positive energy I could muster.  I have never fasted before and being at the end of the day now I can see why this is such a good option for removing the gunk from your system.  As well, my energy is at an all time high! 

Let me tell you about my day and what nothing but juice has done for me.  I woke up, juiced, when to my mat for a 30 minute asana practice, made some juice, tea, water and was out the door with the family to cut a truck load of wood.  Came home, juiced again, grabbed a cup of tea, and was out the door again to run errands.  Back at home, cleaned half the house, stripped the bed, juiced and finally made myself sit down!  Juiced once more, and now I sit with a cup of tea feeling like I could run a marathon!  

Holy Shit!!!

One more word on gunk, this being sinus gunk.  I have terrible sinus's!  I have had two surgery's to have them drain sort of mediocre.  Needless to say I love my neti pot, with out it I think my eyeballs would eventually push themselves out of my eye sockets!!  I have been using it diligently for years but lately its like its kicked into high gear.  They have been draining, and draining, and draining!  

I know snot isn't the nicest topic but wow, for someone who has suffered from these stupid little cavities that burrow in our face for years the feeling of them being clean is freaking amazing!!!

Ok, enough for now.  First week has been a bit of a roller coaster of energy, emotions, and purging, but it has been very positive.






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