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Detox Day 3 & 4

Whew!  What a couple of days!!

This is the first time I've been able to sit down to type out my thoughts in the last couple of days.  On days like these I'm usually running for the fast food, pre-prepared food, and not really thinking of what I'm putting in my mouth so long as the hunger subsides.  
Within this whole craziness of events and obligations Halloween is sprung up in the middle.  I have to be honest, I planned the detox to fall during Halloween due to the fact that I LOVE the little chocolate bars, the kisses, the tootsie rolls!  I can walk past the bowl of goodies all lined up for the kids and think to myself, its just one little bar.  Soon enough it turns into 20!  No lie there, I am a total chocoholic!  (Especially the Reese's Peanut butter cups...OH MY!)

So to begin with, and to the dismay of my family, I didn't buy any.  I did get candy but nothing that would tempt me to have one.  So check that off the list, no chocolate bars in the house!  

I did go to a friends house that night to help her with an incredibly well planned haunted house to tour the kids through.  Prior to starting though there was trays upon trays of goodies all around!  Booze on the table, drinks were poured.  The temptation was there, (oh let me tell you how it was there!)  But I am so proud to say I declined and made myself a Yerba Mate instead. (yay for willpower!)

As for how the detox has been going, my energy level, mental state, etc.  I've got quite a lot to tell.  

On Tuesday evening the headache started, I was in bed at 9:00pm, trying to journal for a few minutes and I couldn't concentrate on a thing!  My head was pounding!  (to the point I did take some aspirin during the middle of the night)  It disrupted my sleep to that extent.  The next morning as well I still felt remnants of the headache, the brain fog but it was lifting.  After I had my morning lemon and cayenne, along with my juice, the effects were mostly gone.  My energy level in the past couple of days has been low due to all of the toxins leaving my body. (and let me tell you they are going!) 

My mental state has been detoxing itself out as well.  I have to be honest as say my mind has been moving to some pretty negative stuff.  When ever my mind shifts, or I feel like what I am trying to voice might not create the outcome I would have liked due to the delivery, I stop, take a breath and just allow it to leave, and smile.  It works.  
I've often said to myself if everyone that surrounds you is pissing you off, it probably isn't everyone else's issue.

This morning as I type this those negative self thoughts are subsiding as well.  As we clean the shit out of our digestive tract, we clean the shit out of our mind.     

One more thing I find so interesting is my hunger.  Its practically not there!  Everything I am putting into my body is so high in nutrients my body doesn't seem to feel hungry.  Before I started this process I was concerned that drinking nothing but juice in the morning wouldn't sustain me until my lunch.  That just hasn't been the case at all!  I juice at around 8:00am and it holds me until Noon which is when I either build a huge salad or I make a green smoothie, which holds me until just after 4:00pm.  I have a snack, hummus and celery, chia seeds in almond milk, and make my dinner.  

Last night I made a black bean and carrot Moroccan stew.  

It was to die for!!! 

 And it took me about 10 minutes to make.  The beans were canned, sautéed some onions, chopped some carrots,  threw in some spices, some frozen spinach and a zucchini, water, and let it simmer.  About 10 minutes before I served it I threw in some brown rice pasta.  OH MY! 

Ok, I've made this long enough.   

Namaste Everyone!!     

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