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The title says it all!  

Yes, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The last push, one week before Christmas.  My lists are dwindling and some sense of accomplishment is being felt, but also is the insurmountable feeling that the scales are a bit unbalanced.  

I live in a house where the hormone balance is a bit off to begin with, being the only female in a home full of male's.  Most times I am very grateful of this thinking of memories of growing up in a home that was the exact opposite led to many, many hormonally reactive arguments based on the constant roller coaster of emotions in a home with two teenage girls.  I don't know how my Dad survived it!    

At the present moment though I am feeling the exhaustion of making the presence of Christmas known because I seem to be doing it all, that is unless I ask which in itself can be exhausting!   
There are times where I honestly feel like throwing up my hands and saying "What ever is shown on TV is all the Christmas you're gonna get if someone doesn't help me!"  

I guess what I would love to hear is "What can I do to help?"  instead of delegating a list.  Or possibly what I need to remember is the male brain just does not think the same way a female's does.  Lessons on both sides perhaps?

So where is the Ahimsa in all of this?  (Ahimsa in Sanskrit means Love and Compassion, or Non harming)  This is something we are taught in Yoga.  Yamas, Niyama's, or how to look view life.  Don't harm yourself, don't harm others.  
Maybe Ahimsa should be printed in bold letters upon entering any mall or retail store...Hmmm, what a thought!
So, as I gather up my smily face mask, sit, write, and think.  Rather than painting it on my face I think of Ahimsa and sense what a true smile feels like, how it fills my body with positive energy, how it's reflected to others and back to me.  

With just a few moments of breathing, Pranayama, the sense of being overwhelmed passes, the anger is gone, the stress of retail bombardment leaves and a calm sense of peacefulness returns.  

This is what true yoga is.  To bring your practice off the mat and into your life whenever you need it.


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