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Welcome to Sundre Yoga and Meditation,

Located in the spectacular Foothills in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

Hello Yogis!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, how every you wish to greet each other!  
This is the time of year when life gets a bit crazy, running from house to house, eating, drinking celebrating, and exchanging gifts.  It is played out as a joyous time of year where everyone is happy and suddenly needs more and more stuff!  Because according to the retail world we need this stuff to be happy.  Every commercial tells us this and its an easy thing to get sucked into.  
This rat race of giving and worrying if it is enough makes us miserable, stresses us out, which for a lot of us makes us turn to food, chocolates, wine, to cope.  
The list of have to's, cards, presents, decorations, all of it.  Then can come being offended is you do not address a person how they think you should be addressing them this holiday. 
It can be absolutely exhausting and incredibly expensive!  

Now that almost all of the holidays are over take a moment to journal your experience.  Ask yourself these questions:

Am I happy?
How does my body feel?
Did this season bring me joy?
Who did I please this season, and was I on that list?
Did I even consider my own happiness?

Mindfulness is such an important practice when we allow life to get too busy.  Stopping to write down how you feel is an incredibly powerful tool that stops the monkey mind.  We tune into our feelings and have the ability to change.  Over indulging only masks and buries our stresses, but it does not take them away.  I like to think of this like a pressure cooker that will eventually blow up.  

Mindfulness relieves the pressure and opens the heart.  

If you are new to this type of practice download a wonderful app called Insight Timer.  A completely free meditation app that is one of my favorites.  A gift to yourself.  

If this year was joyful, write down what made it that way, and if it was not do the same.  Place it where you will see it next year before the busy season starts to remind yourself.  Put it in your phone as a reminder and with loving kindness change what did not bring you joy.

Wishing you an open heart filled with Love and Light,




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