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Located in the spectacular Foothills in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

Greetings once again Yogis

My last post consisted of a lot of negativity, something that I was churning within my heart.  Something that is completely fair to feel.  Too many times we beat ourselves up for not being centered, for not feeling happy all the time.  Taking a step back this type of mind set, always being happy, is completely unrealistic and sets us up for failure very quickly.  

My studies have taken me back to the 8 limbs of yoga, part of the Ashtanga philosophy of yoga.  In particular one of the Yamas, which is one of 8 limbs of yoga, branches off itself into several facets one of which is Ahimsa, the practice of Non Violence.  This is through mind, voice, reaction, everything.  Just looking at the sanskrit word I realized I was not practicing this at all.  I was being judgemental, I was being incredibly hard on myself which in turn made me incredibly reactive as well.  

Not a happy place to be.  

Since my last post this is what I have been trying to practice, loving kindness towards myself, and towards others.  Taking time for silent meditation and allowing everything to slow down.  Its like trying to see the forest when you are driving past it at 100 miles per hour.  Its a blur.  You are holding on and hoping not to fall off!

I recently read a quote in a book titled Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates.  
"When nonviolence in speech, thought, and action is established, one's aggressive nature is relinquished and others abandon hostility in one's presence." 

What this is saying is light will attract light, darkness will attract darkness.  If we are miserable, our energy will show us everyone and everything that is miserable, and when our energy is light, we will start to see light in every aspect of our lives.  Stop complaining, slow down, find gratitude.  

The practice of Ahimsa.     




Sundre Yoga and Meditation is a place where yoga teachers, meditations teachers, energy workers, etc, can rent space and still keep their own identities. Each class is run by and paid to the individual teachers. If you are interested in running a class or workshop please send me a message.



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